Bar Girl Rates And Cost In Bangkok

A lot of guys want to know how much it would cost for sex with a Thai go go bar girl including the costs of drinks inside a go go bar in Bangkok.

The minimum you’ll be spending is at least 2300THB – 2500THB. Here is a price breakdown:

300THB (1 beer for you and a lady drink for bar girl)
+ 600THB (bar fine) + 1500THB
(1 hour) = 2400THB

Paying for bar girls is still very affordable in Bangkok...
Paying for bar girls is still very affordable in Bangkok…

So the easy answer is 2400THB total to get laid. However, everyone has different tastes as well as spending money. You might want to bar fine a really hot looking girl who can easily command a 2500THB short time rate. Or you love drinking beer and hard liquor. Then the total tally can easily sky rocket to 5000THB.

Bar fines are non-negotiable. However, the rates for sex is between you and the bar girl only. Don’t be afraid to talk about price. It’s quite normal and bar girls are used to it. Even if you keep low balling the price the girls usually smile on but I wouldn’t push it too far. Just remember minimum rate for a bar girls time is at least 1500THB. Yes, you can try and negotiate the price down. It will often work with the least attractive girls in a bar. But with young and attractive lookers there is no room for haggling the price down.

A bar girl with the right look can earn 2500 Baht an hour. That’s not including her cut in lady drinks, which could be a few thousand Baht extra a month. It’s not uncommon for a plain go go girls to pull in 40,000 plus Baht in a month working six nights a week in popular establishments.

Rates for Bar Girls



Bar Fine


Short Time (1 Hour)

1500 Baht – 2500 Baht

500 Baht – 700 Baht


Long Time (Overnight)

4000 Baht – 7000 Baht

500 Baht – 700 Baht

2 (Usually)

Compared to a typical salary for a 9am – 5pm female secretary is 9000 Baht a month. And that’s considered decent compared to selling shoes in a department store or waitress in an indoor restaurant. Of course like anywhere else in the world the more educated you are the more likelihood of earning a higher salary and better living standards.

But Thai bar girls from poor areas or who were dealt a crap hand early in life have no other option. No other choice. Except to get as much money from sex tourists as they possibly can.

Bottom line is as soon as you plop your ass on that bar stool you’re just a cash cow waiting to be milked. I mean that literally as well. You remember the saying “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.”

Bar girls want to earn as much money from you as quickly as possible. If you’re a first time visitor to Bangkok then you’re a prime target. Bar girls love newbies. Because newbies may have never experienced so many girls giving them attention all at once. They feel like a rock-star. And they’ll begin to spend money like a rock-star even when they can’t afford to. That’s the powerful effect bar girls have on men. They make you feel special. So special you want to spend money buying lady drinks for them and taking them back to their hotel rooms for sex.

But I’ll give you some insights on what to do so that you’ll be spared from such human indignity.

Quick Rundown On Gogo Bars

Remember, there are only 3 gogo bar areas in Bangkok:

  • Patpong
  • Nana Entertainment Plaza
  • Soi Cowboy

The way you deal with bar girls at any gogo bar is essentially the same. You sit down, you buy drinks, check out the girls and if you see one you like and request to have them sit with you then you must buy them a lady drink.

She can’t sit with you the whole night because you bought one drink so if you want her to sit longer with you then you must buy more drinks. But usually, customers who don’t want to buy too many lady drinks usually take the girl out of the bar after negotiating with the bar girl on short time or long time price.

Though today, some bars have a rule where you must buy a couple of drinks for the bar girl on top of paying the bar fine.

And bar fines which is money paid to the bar is non-negotiable.

Patpong GoGo Bar Area

Nana Plaza Area Gogo Bars

How To Deal With A Bar Girl - Here You'll Get A Glimpse Of What Happens Inside A Gogo Bar

bar girl rate_1“Hey mister! Where you come from?” You’re going to hear that a lot while wandering around a red light district.

Okay listen up. One major rule as a first timer to Bangkok’s red light districts is to never behave like a first timer to Bangkok’s red light districts. Make any sense?

Let’s say you come across a go go bar that catches your interest.

When you go inside don’t stand around with your jaws dropped wide open while drooling. Get yourself onto a seat if a waitress hasn’t seated you yet. Best place to sit is near the front of the stage. That’s where all the prettiest girls gyrate around a pole on stage. They are positioned there to specifically lure men passing by the entrance. You’ll notice that all the unattractive ladies are near the back stage, where it’s least well lit.

You’re required to buy yourself a drink such as a beer. Beers in go go bars such as Singha, a popular local Thai brand will cost you around 140 Baht. They’ll only allow you to stay for a few minutes to take in the scene so if you don’t buy you better hit the road.

When you see a bar girl you like, find her number tag. It’s clearly visible on her top or bottom bikini. Alternatively you can give her a long eye contact. Not a creepy eye contact but a friendly one with a smile. Or you can wave at her. If she’s free she’ll sit next to you.

Of course choosing a girl is up to each and every mans’ personal taste. Some would say to choose a girl who dances energetically. Because it translates to a better experience in bed. This may be true. However, the best way to get a feel about the girls personality is to request that she sits with you for a chat. No matter how well she dances is no guarantee that she likes you. And if she likes you for your appearance or charm then you’re off to a better experience.

For her time it’s traditional you buy her a lady drink. Lady drinks consist of stale Cola that’s been passed around to other bar girls, because they never finish it. Lady drinks cost about 150 Baht, depending on the establishment of course. Some bars in Soi Cowboy such as Baccara are beginning to require a 2 drink minimum before you can even bar fine a girl. So make sure you check drink prices to avoid any unnecessary problems. A bar girl usually receives a percentage of the price.

Now comes chat time. But this part is important. She’ll ask you a series of question such as where you come from or how old are you etc.

But the most important question she’ll ask you is, “How many time you come to Bangkok?”

Tell her you’ve visited Bangkok numerous times and are a frequent visitor to go go bars. Tell her you live and work in Bangkok. Okay, you don’t have to go that far. What I’m getting at is never let a bar girl know you’re a newbie. They love over charging newbies because they know they have a higher chance of getting away with it.

It’s not illegal what they’re doing. Car salesman pull the same crap by pushing useless yet costly options for a brand new car when they know you’re a first time buyer. It all goes back to this, “It’s just business”.

Don't Expect The Girls To Give You Big Discounts

thai-girl_3I’ve already established that the usual going rate for a bar girls service is 1500 Baht 2500 Baht for short time (1 hour) and 4000 Baht – 7000 Baht for long time (overnight).

Pretty girls charge more. Ugly girls charge less. Call it the principle of supply and demand.

There is room to negotiate on a lower price. But I wouldn’t expect a 50% discount, especially if the girl is beautiful and half the bar’s patrons wants to have a go with her. She’ll just decline your offer and find another punter who will pay her asking price without the hassle.

How Many Times Can I Pop?

For short time it’s once. However, depending on the bar girl she might let you have a second go for free if she likes you. But most often than not if you want a second go during short time you’re going to have to pay between 500THB to 1500THB depending on how attractive she is. So if you’re a one pump chump and you shoot your load on her shoes that’s pretty much it. She won’t stay for the full hour.

For long time it’s twice. Usually twice that is. Assuming the bar girl actually stays from night to dawn. In that case you’ll get one go before sleep and the other when you wake up before she leaves in the morning. There are girls who will skip out on the second go. So if you’re a  smart man you should finalize your deal before paying that bar fine.

Because if a bar girl knows that you’re none the wiser she will just leave in the morning.

GoGo Bar Girl Survival Tips

Most girls working at gogo bars can speak a fair amount of English. If you have a special request make sure you tell ask her in advance before you decide on bar fining her.

For example if you’re a guy that gets off while having your asshole eaten out you’d better ask if she will oblige before agreeing to take her out. Otherwise once you ask in the confines of a hotel room she may not go along.

Just because you’re into anal sex doesn’t mean the girl you bar fined is. So you better make sure the girl you like is fine with it before you take her out.

My point is whatever floats your boat you should discuss first with your lady to avoid any disappoints.

The Beer Bar Girls

Beer bars are found all over the Nana red light district and up and down Sukhumvit road where Nana starts on Soi 4 and all the way between most of the side streets down to Soi Cowboy.

Girls working out of beer bars are either employed by the bar or just working as freelancers. Usually, smaller beer bars employ working girls onsite. Bigger beer bars such as beer gardens are filled with freelancers.

A beer bar on Sukhumvit road you can take ladies out...
A beer bar on Sukhumvit road you can take ladies out…

There are a category of girls that work inside bars. Typically there sort of like freelancers but because they’re employed by the bar I suppose they’re considered bar girls. But these girls don’t dance on stage wearing bikinis. They are usually wearing sexy casual clothing.

The thing that bothers me the most about ladies working out of beer bars is you can’t check really have a good look at their body. Not unless they are not shy. In go go bars you can get a really good look because the ladies are wearing two piece bikinis.

I know a lot of guys are turned off by woman who have stretch marks on their stomachs due to pregnancy. I’m one of those guys. That said, you can still find a lot of pretty girls with friendly attitudes at a beer bar.

The Thai Bar Girlfriend Experience

bar girl rate_2Most men who come to Bangkok’s red light districts have a void they want to fill. No pun intended. Many men for whatever reason need the attention and affection of a lovely bar girl want what’s called a ‘Girl Friend Experience’.

A girl friend experience can be a costly proposition. Typically a man has to pay a bar fine to the bar establishment whenever he wants ‘alone time’ with a bar girl for either short time or long time. Bar fines are usually 500 Baht. Some places charge as high as 700 Baht or more, depending on the quality of the bar girl. Most guys negotiate with the bars for discount rates if they want to take a bar girl out for an extended vacation to Phuket or any other dreamy palm tree lined paradise island.

Men have a choice of either taking a bar girl back to a short time hotel where there are rooms available for 300 Baht an hour.

A much better alternative choice most frequent and seasoned visitors to Bangkok’s red light districts do is to book their stay in a hotel that has a girl friendly policy. There are other terms like guest friendly or bar girl friendly. They all basically refer to a hotel that won’t charge their guests a joiners fee for taking a companion back to their rooms. A non guest friendly hotel’s joiner fee is typically 500 Baht and can go as high as 1000 Baht.

For example it makes a lot of sense to stay in a guest friendly hotel near Nana Entertainment Plaza so that every time you bar fine a bar girl you can head straight to your hotel room instead of paying 300 Baht to rent a room.

Don’t worry. Hotels that have a girl friendly policy are not some sort of sleazy sex hotel filled with hookers and punters. Many of these hotels are professionally run and managed, with guests ranging from leisure vacationers to business travelers.

Some examples of these hotels are the Ibis Nana Hotel, Majestic Suites and Nana Hotel. All of those hotels are within a 5 minute walking distance to the always popular Nana Entertainment Plaza filled with the wildest go go bars. And bar girls can get to your hotel easily since it’s so close to where they work.

Girl friendly hotels requires your companion to leave some kind of I.D. with security. This is only for your safety and makes an unscrupulous bar girl give a second thought about stealing from you. Most girl friendly hotels will check that you’re alive and well and not tied up before they hand back your bar girls I.D. card to her.